Marshall rehabbing at Giants’ facility, but roster status uncertain

New York Giants wide receiver Brandon Marshall has been working out at the team facility, but head coach Pat Shurmer indicated Tuesday his roster spot is in question. We’ll have to see, Shurmer told Ralph Vacchiano of SNY when asked about Marshall’s place on the team.

We also see this on the bases: Despite frequently reaching base, Babe has never stolen a base. Another small clue: Despite being young, his ratio of triples to doubles is lower than in the league as a whole. We suspect he isn’t very fast and is likely to get slower, hurting his defensive and baserunning value.

There’s one other detail that will come as no surprise to you: Babe is extremely undisciplined, even out of control, in his personal and professional lives. If you had to pick a player whose makeup and work ethic would help him make this challenging transition, you’d pick … not Babe Ruth. He also tends to disappear in the offseason, so he isn’t likely to put a lot of work into getting better at his position. (On the other hand, he’s a natural athlete who seems to do everything he tries well.)

Raiders coach Jon Gruden may know something the rest of us don’t.

Or maybe he was just rambling.

While no one has made a move to sign quarterback Colin Kaepernick, Gruden invoked a number of unemployed quarterbacks when asked about the former 49ers starter.

I think there’s a lot of intrigue there, Gruden said, via Paul Gutierrez of His performance on the field wasn’t very good, on tape. I think, Robert Griffin, a rookie of the year, surprised he’s out there. Tim Tebow, takes a team to the playoffs, there’s some surprise that he never came back. You know, Johnny Manziel, he’s out there.

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