Dolphins waive Rey Maualuga after overnight arrest for battery

Washington’s offense is ranked 11th in points per game while the Giants are 30th.

Thursday night’s Titans-Steelers game, set to kick off at 8:25 p.m. ET and air on NBC and NFL Network, also will be available via live stream through Amazon Prime Video. The uniqueness of the Color Rush uniforms worn by both teams might be trumped by that of the camera angle, as NBC plans to utilize its SkyCam system to present a new primary viewing angle for live game coverage.

The key for Thursday night’s game will be Pittsburgh’s offense against Tennessee’s defense. The Steelers enter Week 11 averaging 20.8 points per game, a disappointing 19th in the NFL. They have a chance to improve that average against a Titans team allowing 23.7 points per game, 22nd in the league. Pittsburgh running back Le’Veon Bell leads the NFL with 840 rushing yards, and wide receiver Antonio Brown has a league-best 882 receiving yards along with 60 receptions, tied for the second-most in the NFL.

Remember, these are not the Browns. These are the Giants, a team that was picked by some experts to reach the Super Bowl this season.

These are the Giants that previously upset the favored Patriots in two Super Bowls; the Big Blue Wrecking Crew of Lawrence Taylor, Bill Parcells and Phil Simms; a team that has prided itself on defense from LT in the 1980s to Sam Huff in the ’50s; a franchise for which former defensive coaches include Bill Belichick and Tom Landry.

“They all proceeded, grim-faced, to the team bus after the latest in a season saturated with embarrassing moments — 49ers 31, Giants 21 on Sunday at Levi’s Stadium. When Giants coach Ben McAdoo got to the bus, he was admitted on board without incident. Same for general manager Jerry Reese, who declined to speak to reporters when asked on his way out of the locker room.

I had never seen it before those guys.

“Never, never,” Popovich said when asked whether he has seen such a condition hampering one of his players. “What’s really strange is that [point guard] Tony [Parker] has the same injury, but even worse. They had to go operate on his quad tendon and put it back together or whatever they did to it. So to have two guys, that’s pretty incredible.”

Founded in 2003 in Atlanta, CompLexity owned and operated by esports veterans Jason Lake and Jason Bass is part of a $700 million industry that Goff, chairman of Goff Capital and Crescent Real Estate, predicts will continue growing more than 40 percent annually for the foreseeable with viewership numbers surpassing many major, traditional sports.

“The growth in professional gaming is incredibly significant,” Jones said in the release. “We are proud to be stepping into this space with John Goff and an industry icon in Jason Lake. The synergies here are endless and I’m confident our resources will continue the growth of Complexity for years to come.”

MLB’s agreement with Nippon Professional Baseball made this a bit tricky, as Japanese free agents can’t simply decide to play in the United States without the cooperation of their teams through the posting system, which compensates the Japanese club financially for losing a topflight player to the majors. Under the terms of an arrangement between the two leagues, the Fighters will be grandfathered in under the old agreement instead of the new one, allowing them to pursue a cap of $20 million rather than the $150,000 they stood to make under the new posting system — thus giving the team incentive to allow its 23-year-old star to move on.

So the largest roadblock to Ohtani coming over to the United States has been neatly obliterated. But just how good will Ohtani be in the big leagues? Translating a pitcher’s performance from Japan to the majors is complicated; we know far better how good a Clayton Kershaw or a Max Scherzer is than a star Japanese pitcher.

The Eagles capitalized on the desperation of the Vikings

While he may lose a few minutes once Cody Zeller returns to the court, Kaminsky should remain a key part of the Hornets’ rotation, given his rare ability to stretch the floor — he’s making 42.1 percent of his 3-point attempts and averaging nearly 17 points over his past four games.

Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has been dealt to 0-8 San Francisco, sending huge reverberations for a number of players and teams across the league.

The Eagles capitalized on the desperation of the Vikings, who had just lost starter Teddy Bridgewater to a catastrophic knee injury, to replenish their own coffers. Four months earlier, they had moved up in the 2016 draft to select quarterback Carson Wentz. (The ensuing Bradford trade technically occurred during the preseason, but the official ruling body of ESPN lists has approved its inclusion here.) The Vikings acquired Bradford knowing they might need him for 2017, as well.

Oakland got a monster game from Cooper in Week 7 after six (mostly) bad games. It was more because of the favorable matchup against the Chiefs’ non-Peters defensive backs than Cooper suddenly emerging as a dominant wideout. After a slow start for the Giants, JPP got his groove back as a freakish edge rusher with his dominant game at Denver in Week 6.

Ultimately, where the Golden Knights fit in the healing process isn’t really up to them. Their games might comfort some, inspire others, or maybe even feel trivial. “It can be two-fold,” says Wild forward Jason Zucker, the NHL’s lone Las Vegas native. “It absolutely can be a fun thing for [survivors] to go, but unfortunately they already were at a fun venue, having a great time before, and it was disastrous.” Regardless, the team is part of Las Vegas now.canadiens_473_6ece48ddc0679b0c-180x180

His hands measure a whopping 10 1/8 inches, and they’re cotton-soft.

“He can go get the high ball, but what’s even more impressive is how he can go get the low ball,” Schleusner said. “Balls behind him, or thrown at his feet, he suctions everything in. You talk about a catch radius, he’s got a huge one.”

Another test Goedert excels in is the 20-yard short shuttle drill, known as the 5-10-5, in which prospects run 5 yards, stop and run 10 in the opposite direction, then reverse again for 5 more yards. It measures change-of-direction, agility, and quickness, and it’s among the drills Goedert will test in at the NFL Scouting Combine in February.

Goedert gave brief consideration to leaving SDSU last year and entering the draft, and interest from agents came as a shock to the family. The agents ultimately advised Goedert that the strength and depth of the 2017 tight end class — five of the first 45 selections were tight ends, including three of the first 23 picks — made it wise for him to stay in school for a fifth year. He listened. As such, he’s now on track to graduate in December with a degree in operations management.

A couple years ago he returned to Britton-Hecla High and gave a speech at the annual sports banquet. He implored the Braves athletes to put more effort into their training than he did. Two weeks ago, sitting in the SDSU players’ lounge with “The Price Is Right” providing background noise, he stared right through Drew Carey as he acknowledged it again.

“As a kid, you always had an excuse,” he said. “I played around with weights sometimes just to see what I could do, but I never was on a program.”

Goedert decided on football over basketball just before his senior year, but being the best athlete in the area had drawn just one scholarship offer — to Northern State, a Division II school close to home — and Goedert had ambitions to play on a higher level, even if it meant walking on.