Mayfield is great at going through his progressions, and won’t tip his hand by staring down receivers.

Mayfield, a walk-on-turned-Heisman winner, has a 6-1 frame and thick lower body that allows him to fight through contact (and has prevented him from suffering major injuries). He’s a great athlete who can create plays when the pocket breaks down, throwing accurate balls on bootlegs and rollouts. Pre-snap, he demonstrates complete understanding and control of the offense; during the play, he shows outstanding decision-making ability.

He has a concise delivery, lightning release and great velocity on his ball. He has outstanding arm strength and can hit any throw on the route tree with ease: Mayfield is great on short, intermediate and deep routes, though he occasionally throws a touch behind receivers on crossing routes.

“I just tried to do the exact same thing by just throwing it over his head out of bounds, thinking he’s still in the area, the ball’s going at him. If he had turned and looked at me and the ball had gone 10 feet over his head, they would have said ‘Oh, just an inaccurate throw.’ But I guess because he didn’t turn and look at me, they’re allowing that to affect the judgment of the call. It just gets to be a little grey.”

Since becoming Washington’s starting quarterback in 2015, Cousins has completed 1,034 of 1,525 attempts (67.8 percent) for 12,121 yards, 73 touchdowns and 29 interceptions. His passer rating of 99.7 over that span ranks fifth among 22 quarterbacks with at least 1,000 pass attempts. Only two future Hall of Famers, Tom Brady and Drew Brees, and the 2016 MVP, Matt Ryan, have a higher total passer rating since 2015. The order changes slightly — Brady, Ryan, Brees, Cousins — if you use adjusted net yards per pass, an updated version of passer rating that has a slightly higher correlation to team wins.

The offensive line, held together with duct tape and glue, ranks 29th this season for pass-blocking ability, per Pro Football Focus, and has seen Cousins pressured on 36.6 percent of his drop-backs in 2017, the highest rate during his three-year run. Yet his passer rating under pressure this season is 81.6, a career high and the sixth-highest in 2017.cowboys_004