Von Miller catches shark, faces investigation

Broncos outside linebacker Von Miller posted pictures of himself on social media with a shark he caught on a Florida fishing trip. That may have been unwise.

Miller is now being investigated after People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals accused Miller of illegally catching and killing the shark.

The easiest fix would be to get rid of the fifth-year option completely, allowing players to hit the market or commence the franchise-tag dance in year five. Alternatively, the league and the union could agree to a system that voids the fifth year based on playing-time or performance triggers applicable to each position.

However it plays out, a system aimed at not providing windfalls to first-round picks who never make it has given teams the ability to wait far too long to give a fair and just reward to those who do.

Watkins appeared in 28 games with five starts for the Eagles the last two seasons.

Miles Mikolas (R), 18 percent, St. Louis Cardinals vs. Milwaukee Brewers: For about a day, Mikolas was the top hitter-pitcher combo coming over from Japan this season — having spent the last three seasons with the Yomiuri Giants. Mikolas’ second start is a rematch, this time at pitcher-friendly Busch Field. The Brewers are showing signs they’ll resemble last year’s offense, one that is dangerous but quite punch-out prone.

Miguel Gonzalez (R), 1 percent, Chicago White Sox vs. Tampa Bay Rays: The Rays bats woke up a little on Sunday but, in general, the opposing hurler will be a streaming option. Guaranteed Rate Park isn’t the best hitter’s park, but that’s mitigated by the cool temperatures.

Outside the windows, the skyline of the Las Vegas Strip, with its massive casinos, could be seen on the horizon. It’s the epicenter of American sports betting, but was it a fit for the NFL? The topic was on the table.

The previous summer, according to an ESPN The Magazine report, Davis had expressed interest in Las Vegas to an NFL official during a West Hollywood meal. He was told then that the league would oppose any such move “on principle.”