Every major sports controversy of the past 50 years is about control.

The endless wrangles about free agency have been about control. The civic brawls over subsidized stadia have been about control. The current, Hydra-headed crisis in college sports is all about control. Who controls the moneyWho controls your career, your body, your lifeThe most basic question at the heart of every sports controversy comes down to who controls the commercial commodity of athletic competition and, inevitably, who controls the athlete as commodity, a consideration that has not applied to ordinary American citizens since the passage of the 13th Amendment.

In this case, the surface battle for control is purely over money. The people who control the sports-industrial complex are trying to keep other powerful entities—namely, state governments—from profiting from their products. The predominant questioning from the justices of the Supreme Court indicated that they believe the case against sports betting is pretty threadbare. But the people making that case aren’t accustomed to having to make a case at all. Their control over the revenues produced by the athletes under their control always has been assumed to be nearly absolute. Just as was the case in the lawsuit brought against the NCAA by former UCLA player Ed O’Bannon involved who would control the revenues derived from O’Bannon’s image, this case involves the control of an independent revenue stream derived from the primary product of the sports establishment. Shoe’s definitely on the other foot now.

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