Saints RB Ingram: Game was close because ‘I sucked’

Mark Ingram was blunt when assessing his play Sunday: “I sucked.”

The New Orleans Saints running back used a variation of “sucked” 18 times to describe his performance in the 20-12 victory over the Chicago Bears, per beat reporters. The running back also threw in the adjectives “terrible” and “wack” for good measure.

“I sucked. I sucked. That’s the bottom line: I sucked. Two possessions we’re about to ice the game, and I sucked,” Ingram added. “Let the ball go, hurt my team, hurt my coaches. That’s the thing about a family, that’s the thing about a team: They lift you up, they had my back, and we were able to get the W. But I was wack, I sucked, and I’ll be better.”

The fumbles were bad — the second nearly inexcusable — but Ingram hardly “sucked.” The running back blasted for 75 yards on 18 carries, including a touchdown, and added 24 receiving yards on six receptions. Without Ingram, there would have been no double-digit lead to almost fumble away.

According to the report, the players held a meeting of their own Saturday in Seattle to determine how to handle Sunday’s game and decided they could all kneel or raise their fists together. The players also discussed peeling the Texans decal off their helmet.

Texans offensive tackle Duane Brown told ESPN’s Josina Anderson Sunday morning that he anticipates “65-70 percent” of his teammates will take a knee but won’t remove their helmet decals.

McNair came under fire for his remark at the NFL owners meeting last week while discussing the ongoing national anthem protests. He used a figure of speech for an analogy saying, “We can’t have the inmates running the prison.”

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