The Eagles capitalized on the desperation of the Vikings

While he may lose a few minutes once Cody Zeller returns to the court, Kaminsky should remain a key part of the Hornets’ rotation, given his rare ability to stretch the floor — he’s making 42.1 percent of his 3-point attempts and averaging nearly 17 points over his past four games.

Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has been dealt to 0-8 San Francisco, sending huge reverberations for a number of players and teams across the league.

The Eagles capitalized on the desperation of the Vikings, who had just lost starter Teddy Bridgewater to a catastrophic knee injury, to replenish their own coffers. Four months earlier, they had moved up in the 2016 draft to select quarterback Carson Wentz. (The ensuing Bradford trade technically occurred during the preseason, but the official ruling body of ESPN lists has approved its inclusion here.) The Vikings acquired Bradford knowing they might need him for 2017, as well.

Oakland got a monster game from Cooper in Week 7 after six (mostly) bad games. It was more because of the favorable matchup against the Chiefs’ non-Peters defensive backs than Cooper suddenly emerging as a dominant wideout. After a slow start for the Giants, JPP got his groove back as a freakish edge rusher with his dominant game at Denver in Week 6.

Ultimately, where the Golden Knights fit in the healing process isn’t really up to them. Their games might comfort some, inspire others, or maybe even feel trivial. “It can be two-fold,” says Wild forward Jason Zucker, the NHL’s lone Las Vegas native. “It absolutely can be a fun thing for [survivors] to go, but unfortunately they already were at a fun venue, having a great time before, and it was disastrous.” Regardless, the team is part of Las Vegas now.canadiens_473_6ece48ddc0679b0c-180x180

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