Stanley Johnson’s dunk with 6:56 left put the Pistons up 98-88.

“When our intensity and energy rises on defense I think we’re a pretty good team,” Johnson said.

Golden State looked efficient again initially, passing well and making better decisions, but it was sloppy down the stretch. The Warriors shot 57.1 percent with 29 assists and were at a 63.5-percent clip midway through the third quarter before allowing the Pistons back in the game.

Griffin also said that the success of other mobile quarterbacks this season shows how a system can be tailored to a quarterback such as himself.

“A lot of these guys are doing great things and they’re implementing — whether it’s zone read, play action from the gun — all those things to help these guys excel and then giving them little things so they can grow,” Griffin said.

“The league is honestly repeating itself back to the years in 2011, 2012, 2013, and those offenses are becoming more prolific. I think it was really fun for everybody to watch what happened [Sunday] between Seattle and the Texans, and I feel like those are the type of offenses that would really suit me.”

In between, there were touching tributes, Cirque du Soleil dancers and 60 unforgettable minutes of game time. The Golden Knights’ first home game served dual roles Tuesday night—offering an outlet for the sold out crowd to look back and remember, and a chance to look ahead.

And at the end of the journey came the most gratifying part, when Fisher jumped into the arms of a stocky, bearded man who was awaiting his arrival like an oasis in the desert.

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