The good offensive teams will start to put up more points.

I love what the Eagles (6-1) are doing. They were amazing on Monday night. Carson Wentz is an absolute stud and the hero Philadelphia deserves. Zach Ertz hasn’t quite been passed the torch from Rob Gronkowski, but he’s currently running the route and he’s open (like always). I love all of this. So please, Eagles fans, know that I love you. Know that if some dude was walking through a grocery store in an old-school No. 15 Eagles jersey, I would know it was an homage to Steve Van Buren. The pride of Honduras.

Take the Pittsburgh Steelers. We haven’t seen the best of that group yet. It’s the same for the Atlanta Falcons.
Last week was a tough week to pick games for everybody. With six teams on a bye this week, there are fewer games to mess up. I, for one, like that.

Joke was anything but during his epic run up to the finals. And then you have my guy Dubby and Tweez, who was sort of a Cinderella story. But I don’t want to make it seem like he wasn’t a great competitor. He took Skimbo to the limit (and overtime) but was ultimately felled by a coin toss.

Great tournament, which was held in the “classic” form, with the competitors on the couch next to each other instead of in isolation like it’s some 1980s game show. They had to play like we (or at least I) grew up playing. I might not have been the best game-planner or strategist. But I had a way to get into their minds, like a Madden version of Paul Heyman. When you get your opponent to play you, and not the fake Seahawks on the screen, you’ve already won.

It’s worth noting, however, that Newton did field questions for several minutes before ending the press conference, so we probably shouldn’t turn this into a giant controversy.
Newton did answer questions for several minutes before departing, but clearly took an all business approach today. No joking around.tigers_055-115x115

Jay Cutler’s injury might be the best thing that’s happened to the Dolphins offense all season.

For now, Goedert’s squarely on the Senior Bowl’s radar, and is projected in a profile to contribute immediately as a TE2 with potential as a starter. Goedert, in turn, is ready to pounce on an invitation.

“I think the Senior Bowl would be a great opportunity to show what I can do against higher competition,” said Goedert, who is coming off a huge performance against Missouri State (8 catches, 170 yards, 1 TD). “That’s the question mark on me. And I can answer it.”

Like it or not, Jay Cutler’s injury might be the best thing that’s happened to the Dolphins offense all season. He had only eclipsed 200 passing yards twice and left the game with a six-week interception streak. Ugh. Anyway, Matt Moore will take over under center for the time being, and in the eight games that Matt Moore has quarterbacked in Landry’s career, the Miami receiver averages more yards and touchdowns per game (72/0.75) than without Moore (61.7/0.22).

“I lined up for the first time at 205 pounds against our starting D-end, working blocking drills with him. I didn’t have my chinstrap buckled, I didn’t have my mouth guard in, and he told me, ‘You might want to buckle up and put that in,’ ” Goedert said. “We were just in helmets and shoulder pads. No (football) pants on, just shells. In high school, if we were in shells, we weren’t hitting. In high school, half the time we didn’t have enough players, so we’d be going against our coaches holding bags.”

The rep outcome was predictable: “I got thrown like a rag doll,” Goedert said.

While Goedert’s background in football has its rough edges, he’s also escaped a lot of the trappings that can saddle high-profile college players.

He was a highly competitive swimmer from age 4. When he was 6, he emerged from the water at one meet and was told by his coach and aunt, Dianne Yelkin, that he’d broken a record. Dallas began sobbing, as if he’d instead broken a window.