It’s going to be odd- rush and he runs into me.

In other roster news, league sources say the Knicks are inching closer to finalizing a deal with Trey Burke, who successfully rehabbed his value with strong play for the team’s Westchester affiliate and has tellingly been held out of action at the Showcase. New York will have to clear a roster spot to sign him. The casualty could be veteran guard Ramon Sessions, who is on a one-year deal and has taken a back seat while Jarrett Jack has won minutes at the point.

In promoting the nearly 5,000-word story, ESPN says it is based on interviews with more than a dozen Patriots staffers, executives, players and league sources with knowledge of the team’s inner-workings, all of which led to the conclusion that Belichick, Brady and Kraft have had serious disagreements.

Brady’s agent, Don Yee, issued a statement Friday morning (via NFL Network) in which he didn’t completely refute the reports of a rift, though he did say, It’s tough to have a response since (the story) didn’t appear to me to have one on-the-record quote. All I can suggest is don’t believe everything you read.

Statement from Tom Brady’s agent, Don Yee, on ESPN report about #Patriots power struggle: I don’t really know what to say it’s tough to have a response since it didn’t appear to me to have one on-the-record quote. All I can suggest is don’t believe everything you read.

That quote doesn’t exactly come off very well coming from him. Jackson went 1-15 last season and 0-16 in 2017. I’m not a mathematician, but 1-31 does not seem great.

Now to be fair, Jackson hasn’t been put in a great position to win. It’s clear the Browns have been committed to a rebuild by stocking up on draft picks and trying to build the team through the draft. You can see flashes there at least on the defensive side — the Browns gave up only one 300-yard passing game all season.

Because the reception to his quote was not great, Jackson attempted to clarify what he meant by saying what he did:

That still doesn’t come off a whole lot better. It honestly takes a lot of guts to pat yourself on the back after nearly going 0-16 in 2016 and then actually doing it in 2017. Though it appears by all accounts, he’s going to keep his job. So I suppose he can say what he wants.

But things will get better for the Browns before they get worse, right?

NFL playoffs schedule 2018: Times and TV channels for Saturday’s Wild Card Games

The NFL playoffs will officially start on Saturday with one Wild Card Game from each conference. First, the Tennessee Titans will travel to Kansas City to clash with the Chiefs in the AFC at 4:35 p.m ET on ESPN (live stream). Later at 8:15 p.m. ET on NBC (live stream), the Atlanta Falcons — last year’s NFC Champion — will fly to the West Coast for battle against the Los Angeles Rams.

Tennessee (9-7) and Kansas City (10-6) found success on the ground this season, with both rushing offenses finishing in the top 15. But this game will come down to which team can make more plays in the passing game. The Titans finished with the 23rd-best pass offense in the NFL, while the Chiefs’ seventh-best pass offense clicked on all cylinders. Both defenses struggled with defending the pass in 2017, so the keys to winning this game are simple: throw the ball and defend the pass.

But the scare that the Chiefs put into them was phenomenal. McDonough’s call was even better. It’s almost too bad that it was all for nothing, but we’ll still have his breaking voice for the rest of time — and Jon Gruden won’t let him forget it.

The week before the injury that changed everything, Mike Mitchell leaned against a wall outside the locker room at the Steelers’ practice facility. This was early December. His team was 9–2, and Pittsburgh’s resident free safety–free spirit had a lot on his mind.

The result: Aided by an improved secondary that has forced passers deeper into their progressions, the Steelers racked up a franchise-record 56 sacks (from 15 different players), the NFL’s highest total since 2013. There were blips—see: Bears, Bengals, Browns and an A-Rod-less Packers—but they often outplayed their own vaunted offense. Despite Shazier’s injury (and others, including to Antonio Brown), Pittsburgh finished 13–3, securing a first-round playoff bye, and hosts the Jaguars this Sunday.

Even Haden—the newcomer who felt the unfamiliar sensation of playing for a winning team—knows how to frame this postseason. “It’s all about number 50,” he says.

The biggest upset of Wild Card Weekend has to be that Gruden has a smartphone. He totally seems like the kind of person that would still have a flip phone like a Super Football Guy.patriots_037_38b52494b1ae61ae-180x180

They could listen to Doris to get an idea of what they were doing right and what they were doing wrong

I loved it. But Burke got engaged during her second season on the bench. I knew unequivocally I wanted children and that I wanted for at least a certain stretch of time to be a stay-at-home mom, she says. And so those two things, I felt at that time, were mutually exclusive.

Paradise Hanchett tallied 11 points and 12 rebounds for the Tigers .I’m not going to step out of the box and disagree with pace of play.Again, Almonte probably be given that opportunity first, but could seize that role if he outperforms Almonte.

That relationship gives Moore intimate knowledge of Linehan’s offensive system.

Moore’s background also gives him a solid foundation to begin a coaching career. His father Tom won four state championships and 21 league titles as head coach at Prosser High School in Washington.

Moore was released by the Cowboys during the 2017 season. All three of his career NFL appearances came with Dallas in 2015 when replacing an injured Tony Romo (collarbone). Moore went 0-2 as a starter with four touchdowns, six interceptions and a 58.7 completion percentage.

What does this mean for the Vikings: Minnesota moves on to face Philadelphia in the NFC title game next Sunday. And the Vikings get to believe they’ve got an Angels in the Outfield type influence standing somewhere in the secondary.

Drew Brees threw the ball backward quickly to Willie Snead (a high school quarterback), who had a wide open Alvin Kamara for what likely would have been a touchdown. The pass would fall just out of his reach:

That’s probably not a play that they need to call on third-and-1 down six with their season up in the air. Perhaps the snap before, when it was second-and-6 and Ted Ginn (another former high school quarterback) got his hands on the ball, it would have been a better play.

The Saints got off to a bad start in this game, but have made a push in the second half. The play call there was a good idea, but perhaps it came in the wrong moment by Sean Payton’s team.patriots_016_fc63cdaa4859b50d-180x180

Probabilities, picks to win each wild-card game on road to Super Bowl 2018

The NFL playoff bracket is set, with the winners on wild-card weekend moving on to face the top-seeded teams in the divisional round.

AccuScore has made its 2017 NFL playoff picks by simulating each wild-card game 10,000 times to predict the probabilities of reaching the next round on the road to Super Bowl 52. Below are the probabilities to win each wild-card game this weekend.

While most of his Saints teammates live near the team facility in Metarie or Kenner, Kamara decided to move downtown, into a ground-floor apartment, his floor-to-very-high-ceiling windows facing directly out to the street and the people on them. He walks home from games, from the Superdome to his front door, amid the revelry and the hordes of adoring fans; down Canal Street to high-end fashion stores to browse; around the block to get breakfast at the Ruby Slipper or to pick up groceries. He considers himself a foodie and has dined at the city’s most famous establishments and the hidden gems on every street, in fancy neighborhoods and not-so-fancy— he has tried beignets and oysters for the first time, and has grown to love the char-grilled variety of the latter.

Eventually he hopes to sit at every great restaurant in the city. He knows this might take years to accomplish, but he’s in no rush. He plans to be here for a while.

Still, once a month or so, Prewitt gets the same text from Fitzpatrick: Dude, challenge me. How can I be challenged?

Cris Collinsworth explained that Coleman is legally deaf, and that he needs to see Matt Ryan’s lips in order to read them to catch the audible.

“On a scale of 0-10, normal people range from about a seven, eight, or nine,” Coleman told CNN in 2015. “Without my hearing aids, I’m about a one or two.”

Coleman played his college football at UCLA, and was picked up by the Seahawks after going undrafted in 2012. He became the third deaf player in NFL history, and the first to play offense.

With his platform, Coleman created the No Excuse Foundation which helps kids that have disabilities.giants_105

I’m not a big fan of interim coaches, at all, unless a team shows good reasons why making such a change makes sense.

In the Giants’ case, I do think it makes sense to fire Ben McAdoo on Monday—Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen reported it could happen, in the wake of the Giants’ falling to 2-10 Sunday in Oakland—for four reasons:

This is the most minor of reasons, but in New York, I believe, it means something. McAdoo is painfully inept most often in news conferences; he’s just an introverted guy in public who wasn’t made to stand up and face the music against the blaring tabloids. His GM, Jerry Reese, hates doing press and so just does not do it, except for twice a year.

Sowell gets a great block here, and I ‘t know what Spiller sees, but it’s not the correct thing.Arkansas held steady for a little while.As the protests seeking justice Brown’s death have grown larger and more volatile, says he has joined them.On July 1, Fitzgerald’s #1 jersey was retired by the University of Pittsburgh.The only other team the AFC that I they would even have a prayers DO greater.Sports Illustrated : 20.

In 2014, the two-time Vezina Trophy winner was an inaugural member of Legends Row, a line of statues honoring Maple Leafs icons.

The 48th Highlanders, who have played at Toronto’s home openers since 1931, opened the service.

Fans sat in the stands of Air Canada Centre, with the arena floor reserved for family and special guests.

The Mavericks signed Harrison Barnes to a four-year, $94 million maximum contract this , hoping he could grow into a franchise cornerstone.How hard those kids worked to get there, that’s what a lot of people ‘t understand.has worked the film industry and as a reporter for the Millbury Daily Voice, Millbury-Sutton Chronicle, and the Grafton News.Subsequently, game 3 of the 2008 World Series, Ruiz tapped a ball up the third-base line for a walk-off infield single, the first MLB history.48: Hart, 6, 180.

Through 63 innings he showed a similar ability to induce grounders with his sinker and prevent runs all the while.Boykin didn’t play a single defensive snap against the Patriots.I ‘t know what else I can watch, Green told reporters Tuesday.

With spring training rapidly approaching, these peripatetic players will continue their winter workouts to get ready for the season.

“I knew they were going to make moves because they had to,” Shaffer says of the Rays. “I didn’t necessarily anticipate me being one of them, but I wasn’t overly surprised when a Tampa number popped up on my phone.”

Most often the past when Jimenez has had troubles, he has created of them for himself by walking too people.A: I’m not quite sure how it’s going to feel.Dickerson is batting .350 this month and has seen his average jump nearly 20 points just 10 days.This explains why.The Lightning has missed the all-around contributions of Palat, who has 15 goals and 37 assists, and entered Friday fifth the league at plus-28.

This time of year is when MVP conversations begin, Falcons coach said.Does he want all of the good players?9 pick, and he’d only likely be option the first round if they decided to trade down.As much as the A’s play for the present, they definitely look to the future as well as any team the league, and they felt like this is a deal they couldn’t pass up.Though ended up signing with State via a sign-and-trade deal 2010, he said today that talks with the Celtics nearly came to fruition.

When he faltered, he got backlash from the coaching staff, management and most importantly, the fanbase.If you weren’t NFL player, where would you be?Injuries tested Burnett and the defense all .

Here’s a look back at the stories that resonated most in another eventful year in NFL business, starting with the startling news from this weekend in Carolina…

Franchise for sale. Panthers owner Jerry Richardson, the only current owner to have played in the NFL was, during my 10-year tenure in a front office, on a short list of most respected and consulted owners. That was then, this is now. Damning details of workplace impropriety uncovered by Sports Illustrated, along with previously undisclosed settlements in exchange for silence, have led to Richardson being investigated, and now selling the team, all in a span of a weekend. This stunning and rapid fall from grace sets up a rare auction for the team and a sale likely at or above $2 billion, certainly with rumors of a pending move from Charlotte following the expiration of the team’s lease on the stadium in 2019. Two other potential ramifications to watch are: (1) How much did the NFL ownership and league leadership know about Richardson and could or should they have have acted sooner? (2) Could there be a slippery slope of precedent here, as who knows what other damning information there is on any of its owners? (3) The NFL’s next CBA negotiation will now not include Richardson, one of the most hawkish owners, if not the most hawkish, in leveraging and commoditizing players. Ripples from this will last for years.

Everybody knows him now, at the end.Greinke, 555 WHIP 1.Inversely, Castro had the 3 rd lowest zBall rate at just 9 percent.But Winnipeg and Pavelec regressed mightily last , and the franchise decided to move on.bears_145-223x223

Every major sports controversy of the past 50 years is about control.

The endless wrangles about free agency have been about control. The civic brawls over subsidized stadia have been about control. The current, Hydra-headed crisis in college sports is all about control. Who controls the moneyWho controls your career, your body, your lifeThe most basic question at the heart of every sports controversy comes down to who controls the commercial commodity of athletic competition and, inevitably, who controls the athlete as commodity, a consideration that has not applied to ordinary American citizens since the passage of the 13th Amendment.

In this case, the surface battle for control is purely over money. The people who control the sports-industrial complex are trying to keep other powerful entities—namely, state governments—from profiting from their products. The predominant questioning from the justices of the Supreme Court indicated that they believe the case against sports betting is pretty threadbare. But the people making that case aren’t accustomed to having to make a case at all. Their control over the revenues produced by the athletes under their control always has been assumed to be nearly absolute. Just as was the case in the lawsuit brought against the NCAA by former UCLA player Ed O’Bannon involved who would control the revenues derived from O’Bannon’s image, this case involves the control of an independent revenue stream derived from the primary product of the sports establishment. Shoe’s definitely on the other foot now.

Everson Griffen attacks conversation as if it is a quarterback.It’s truly ideal match.Following the parties that lasted into the wee hours of morning, Detroit held a special celebration front of more than 10 season ticket holders Monday evening at Arena.

The conference cannibalizes itself.Even with Murphy making the switch, the Skins need to more bodies on the defensive line.We’re all very aware of what kind of business it is, Calgary forward Tanguay said.As for Robey he hold onto the role if lands the safety spot next to .Then when they have the ball, it shows they’re doing the things I’m asking, Simmons said.

The Nationals’ need for a closer is pretty glaring.But it have stuck after that one time she showed up to the gym dressed as his favorite character.State sits atop the Conference and is the prohibitive favorite to repeat as Conference champions.Offer does not apply to gift cards or already discounted items.

Drouin helped the Lightning defeat the New Jersey Devils, which resulted the Lightning clinching home ice for the opening round of the 2016 Stanley Cup playoffs.We’re just living it.Since Cook broke to the inside, he’s Noy’s responsibility.I respect him when he was there with Coach , it’s just congratulating him on getting the job that I think he deserves.There were no words.He has that ability to go out and cover and not be mismatched as often as we would be mismatched a normal capacity.

If the Lions just win one of those games, the Cowboys and Seahawks will be rendered helpless and hopeless in all of this.

The Rams (10-4), who whipped the Seahawks on Sunday and built a two-game lead in the West with two games left to play, should feel good about their chances to remain the No. 3 seed. The Saints (10-4) are still barely leading the South over the Panthers (10-4) thanks to their season sweep of Carolina.

For those three teams, it’s simple: Get to at least 11 wins, and they’re in. If they fail to at least split their final two games, however, a few more doors might be left ajar for the desperate teams outside of the playoff picture.

Unfortunately for the Lions, Seahawks, Cowboys (all 8-6), making the playoffs like they did in 2016 probably comes down to the reigning NFC-champion Falcons free-falling out of the No. 6 seed. Even worse news: Because Atlanta beat Detroit, Seattle and Dallas earlier this season, none of those teams can get in over the Falcons with the same record.

Because of that heartbreaking home loss to the Falcons in Week 3, the Lions need to be 10-6 to the Falcons’ 9-7 in order to move up for the second wild card.

If Atlanta goes 2-0 it wouldn’t get a wild card — it would move up to No. 4 as repeat South champions over both New Orleans and Carolina, which it plays back-to-back to finish the season. Should Atlanta go 1-1, it would stay at least at No. 6 and have an outside shot at No. 5.

The Falcons going 0-2 likely would not cut it, even with their massive tiebreaker advantages. Given how talented the Cowboys, Seahawks and Lions are, there’s a good chance one of those teams will finish 10-6.

They should be betting on the career of somebody.His best NFL may have been 2002 when he shattered the NFL single- record for receptions and had a career-high 1 yards and 11 TDs.guarantees that our prices are the lowest you’ll find anywhere online.

So ya gotta adapt a little bit, but the system has some things that make it conducive , because this stuff comes up all the time.Other guys, they it and they notice it and they pick up those good habits.Evans led the NFL drops last with 11, and saw his touchdown total drop from 12 as a rookie to just three his second , despite having better quarterback play.Bexar County Judge Wolff said and the Spurs’ success helped give San worldwide recognition.White’s other namesakes Knoxville include the General White Memorial Civic Coliseum, the White Parkway, and the White Greenway.

Are you sensing a theme here?Television cameras caught Kuechly crying as he was helped onto a cart and taken to the locker room to be evaluated for a concussion.I haven’t proved anything yet and I have a long way to go to reach goals.

It starts with me, but there’s a lot of areas.

More cheers of Ca-.White’s mother, White Collier, along with other family and friends, were on hand to witness the change to White Boulevard.

Cardinals QB Carson Palmer on retirement: ‘I just know’

Palmer threatened to retire from the Bengals in 2011 after requesting a trade that wasn’t immediately granted. Palmer began to go through with his threat, and sat out the first six games of the season before Cincinnati sent him to the Raiders. Palmer finished the 2011 season in Oakland and played there in 2012 before the Raiders traded him to the Cardinals in April 2013.

In Arizona, Palmer doubled his number of career playoff games from two to four and had the best season in 2015, when he threw for a career-high 4,671 yards and 35 touchdowns.

Favorite golf course he’s played is Reflection Bay Club in Lake Las Vegas鈥?His favorite professional teams are the Atlanta Braves and the Carolina Panthers鈥?Kevin Hart, Will Ferrell and would round out his dream foursome.Thursday; CSN.One of Griese’s former Dolphins wide receivers, Nat Moore, be on hand.Postmedia wants to improve your reading experience as well as share the best deals and promotions from our advertisers with you.Vachon would be among the dozen players the Canadiens would bring to Montreal from all over the province every for a look-; some stuck, others returned home., why keep Headley and trade away a left-handed bat who put up power numbers as a catcher McCann?Maybe regain 2014 form.

Trocheck put the Panthers ahead 2-0 with 8:11 left in the third period. MacKenzie Weegar passed across the slot to Trocheck, who fired the puck past Price.

“Obviously, we’ve won five in a row and we’re doing some good things,” Trocheck said. “At the same time, we haven’t played a full 60 minutes like we want. It’s just a matter of putting it all together and playing a full three periods.”

Montreal captain Max Pacioretty has gone 12 games without a goal and he has only one in the last 21.

He’s really good looking, the Barracuda’s head coach said.That continued at Ohio State.I also accept and agree to be bound by Postmedia’s Terms and Conditions with respect to use of the Site and I have read and understand Postmedia’s Privacy Statement.He’s been outstanding, Bowa said.Time for the CBA to be re-evaluated.We got some rest on Monday, and I had extra day to prepare for .5, be enshrined Canton.You said there was no story on Green hiding anything.I probably could have caught it, but it came out really fast.But I think Beltre’s definitely getting the Hall.Fourth-highest coverage grade amongst all draft-eligible linebackers 2015.


Titans’ Jurrell Casey ready for playoff moment, but ‘pissed’ about losing division to Jags

“It has definitely been amazing,” said Casey, 28. “I feel like when I wake up in the morning I’ve got more energy. If I’ve got aches and pains, they go away much faster.

“It has just been a process to help me knowing that I’m about to be into Year Eight (career-wise). You need to start taking care of your body.”

It’s not about what Rosen has said about college athletes deserving to be paid, players sitting out bowl games or his statements about preferring to play for a top franchise; it’s the fact he’s always the person questioning the system. There’s a reason most quarterbacks speak in cheesy cliches and never let on too much. It’s a quarterback’s job to be as non-divisive and football-focused as possible.

The Saints, Panthers, Eagles and Vikings round out the list of playoff newbies. I like Minnesota’s chances to be the first team to play a Super Bowl in its home stadium. Too many flaws or too much playoff inexperience will doom the others outside of the Vikings and Patriots. The Steelers’ playoff history in Foxborough will be their downfall.

This is a great time of year to work for an NFL team that has fought through the peaks and valleys to reach the postseason. First, there is a feeling of job security although we have seen owners occasionally fire coaches and GMs even after a playoff season. It happened to me in a power struggle with the head coach when I left the Vikings after our 15-1 season in 1998, but I fortunately wound up as president of the Titans’ Super Bowl team. Generally, it’s nice not to have to worry about Black Monday and firings in the NFL when playoffs are on tap.

When Saban named true freshman Jalen Hurts his starting quarterback early the 2016 season, he tacitly admitted defeat to the spread, a system he, by all accounts, abhors.Jill Sorenson did a fantastic feature from Kettler as the dads arrived Wednesday.The combination was a key to the Sharks’ run to the Cup Final.Alstott’s retirement is all but official at this point, as he’s basically said that he has no plans to play again.DiMarco tilted fantasy owners by scoring a pair of wide-open red-zone touchdowns early the game.Most of the time, answering a question with another question proves to be not answer at all.Goodness gracious!That could result player and team agreeing to push back his current 1 opt-out date, per the report.Cabot: I really worry about the concussions.