Frank Ricard would like how the 2017 NFL season is going.

Everybody’s streaking, just not all in the same direction.

The Eagles (10-1) rolled to their ninth straight victory with a 31-3 rout of the Bears. The Patriots (9-2) tied the Vikings (9-2) with their seventh straight win after a 35-17 dispatching of the Dolphins. The Steelers (9-2) kept pace with the Patriots in the AFC playoff hunt with a 31-28 win over the Packers that was Pittsburgh’s sixth straight win.

The Jaguars had a statement win on a big stage against the NFC team after which they’re modeled, the Seahawks. They remain a dangerous floater in the AFC at No. 3.

When the Panthers are hitting on all cylinders around Cam Newton, as they were against the Vikings, they are extremely hard to beat. Their main issue this season has been staying consistent against good and bad opponents.

The Rams have proved of late they can put up points against anybody, but they continue to make mistakes on offense against swarming defenses. They will try to play a lot better in Seattle with the division title on the line.

The coach can make New York’s two-time Super Bowl MVP his 11th-hour human shield if he wants — the target is still on McAdoo.

The Chargers would lead the AFC West with a competent kicker — The Chargers have the NFL’s worst field-goal percentage.

Instead of sitting a 5-6 after 11 games, the Chargers would likely be 8-3 if the crucial kicks had been made. Novak has been a vast improvement over Koo, but if his back injury is serious, the Chargers could be right back at square one with their kicking woes.

The 2017 NFL season is entering its final stretch, beginning with the last Sunday in November. Nearly every game from here on will have some sort of playoff implication, especially in the jumbled AFC.chargers_072-180x180